Join us on Sundays at 10am at 105 W 4th St #203 in Greensburg, PA

Love Jesus. Love the Church. Love the World.

According to the Bible, Jesus said the greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

It also says love is the greatest expression of faith and hope, and God's greatest expression of love is Him sending His Son to die on the cross willingly to save His people from their sins. We love because Jesus loved us first, and we value loving others the way we've been loved.

This love is expressed by us in the following three ways…

Love Jesus.

All of our motivations flow from loving Jesus. The motivation to follow Him, obey Him, look to Him, magnify Him, trust Him, get our strength and life from Him, etc...comes from our love for Him. In summary, He is the summit of all that we are, all that we do, and our greatest joy! We want to continue to grow in our love for Him and to be satisfied in His presence above all else in the entire universe. This love for Jesus gives evidence to sincere, saving faith in Him.

Love the Church.

More evidence to sincere, saving faith is loving what Jesus loves. Jesus loves His bride, the church. We value loving the local church because God treasures the church, His people, and sends His people out to bear His image and share His gospel to an unbelieving world who needs rescuing.

Love the World.

Even more evidence of a vibrant, growing, sincere, saving faith is loving the people of Greensburg and all the people of the world. The Bible says that God loved the world so much He sent His only Son to willingly live and die for it, and to seek and save those who don't know Him. The church is to do the same out of love for Jesus and because He has commissioned the church to do the same.

It is our joy to love Jesus, His church, and the people of the world!