Join us on Sundays at 10am at 105 W 4th St #203 in Greensburg, PA

4TheCity Church exists to magnify Jesus.

I guess you would call this the north star of our church. All that we do say and think flows from this purpose. The Bible says we were created for God's glory. In other words, we were created by God for God. God created us in His image and is working to help us reflect His image in our everyday lives.

This is what it means to magnify. Much like a telescope makes enormous cosmic things more visible to our eyes, we were made to make God more visible by allowing Him to reflect His image through us to a world that needs Him. We were made to reflect God's image to magnify Him.

The bad news is we can't perfectly reflect God's image or magnify all of His greatness because of our sin. The good news is that God was most clearly seen, perfectly seen, through His Son Jesus, for us, to save us. What we could not do and can't do, Jesus did for us. Jesus came to magnify His Father perfectly, glorify God, and save us through His sinless life, sacrificial death on the cross, and resurrection. God was perfectly magnified through His Son. Because of what Jesus did, we live now to magnify Him as He lived to magnify the Father. The best way we can magnify the Father is through magnifying the Son...and because of all Jesus has done for us, we are so delighted to do so in all that we do!