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Pastor Scott Rising

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Pastor Kevin Giddings

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Pastor Scott Rising and Pastor Kevin Giddings have come to love Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and they are very excited about starting a church in the city! But what they are starting in Greensburg is just a continuation of the journey God has had them on for many years.

Several years ago and working in retail management, Scott began attending a large church in the Kittanning, PA area. The Lead Pastor there took him under his wing and passed on a passion for reading, understanding, and preaching the Bible, as well as loving people. More and more, Scott became involved in different ministries of the church. In his hometown of Indiana, PA, as Scott was sharing the Gospel, before long, he had a core group of people who started gathering together, which eventually became a campus extension of his home church. For 7 years, he ministered to the people there, loving and caring for them as Campus Pastor and working full-time as a pastor in the church. So in one sense, Scott planted his first church 7 years before the genesis of 4TheCity Church. And he is continuing in ministry as the lead church planter—4TheCity of Greensburg—tasked with casting vision for the church and preaching.

Kevin has been in ministry a bit longer than Scott (approximately two decades). Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kevin started full-time ministry serving the church through community outreach and church planting as a young adult in Texas. After a few years, he was called to Pennsylvania to begin planting churches there. After a few years of church planting and doing social work, he began attending the same church as Scott; and like Scott, he began ministering where he was most needed. He was soon hired as the church counselor and then as a campus pastor. However, the desire to plant and build churches never left him. Whereas Scott will be the primary visionary and preacher, Kevin will be tasked with church operations.

Because they worked together at the same church, Scott and Kevin spent a lot of time working on various projects and becoming close friends. When Scott had the vision to start 4TheCity Church in Greensburg, he talked with Kevin about teaming up together since they were already very effective as a ministry team. Kevin was on board immediately, and the drive to establish a new church in Greensburg began.

The endeavor Scott and Kevin are starting—the launching of 4TheCity Church—might seem daunting. However, they want everyone to understand that it is Jesus, not them, who puts together every piece of the puzzle necessary for this church to be established. They are stepping out assured in the knowledge that God loves Greensburg, and they are ready to make His love known to every person living there.